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Are We Condemned To Live Sadly?


Daily life can seem monotonous or even dull. In the long run, this repetition can create an unhappiness, a loss of taste for life. How can we regain meaning and joy when everything around us is gloomy? The answer is not simple but there are several solutions. One of them is to focus our attention on something that we have control over and that gives us satisfaction. Very often, our condition is deplored because we feel that we are a victim of circumstances. This feeling is linked to the irresistible urge to control what we cannot totally control.
We have little control over the economy or how others react to who we are. Wanting to change the world and the people around us is most often a source of great frustration.

It is far wiser to strive to improve ourselves and to appreciate our progress, however small. Your energy is limited, so it is best to channel it into dimensions of your life that will bring you serenity. Be like an investor, use your energy as he uses his money. You can diversify your energy towards risky “investments”, i.e. they may bring you a big profit or loss. Nevertheless, invest only a minority part of your energy in “risky investments”. It is preferable to concentrate a majority of your attention capital on safe securities, i.e., those that will bring you satisfaction even if it is not the exaltation of the enormous gains that can be made by investing 100 percent on risky securities.

In order not to interfere with your daily joy, you need to know what the simple joys of your life are made up of. The idea of becoming better in one area brings regular joy. Indeed, the feeling of progress is intimately linked to self-esteem, which itself is an important component of happiness. Find an art, a job or a talent that you want to hone. You will see, once you devote yourself to it, you will stop expecting too much from life. Of course, devote some of your time to projects whose outcome is uncertain, just be aware that your control is not total in these spheres of existence.

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