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Water And Fire, Two Ways Of Loving?


Loving can be passionate, it is the most expressive and documented way. Cinema and literature have an infinite list of references that can support this expression of love. It is obvious, it is spontaneous: it comes quickly but it can leave just as quickly. This dimension is symbolized by the fire, it is ardent and sure of itself. Can there be a love with a cold and reasoned approach? This one is not really popular in the book image. Indeed, we say love marriage and marriage of reason. But are love marriages the most mature? They are not often the most durable.

Does “water” love exist? Cold and calm, it is no less conscientious. It is more cautious, because it knows that to love is to be built if not found. It is slower to become attached but also slower to forget.

Can loving like fire be reconciled with a watery love? Their expressions, although sincere, can seem antagonistic. Fire can become frustrated with so much lukewarmness, water can feel overwhelmed and misunderstood. To love is not only a feeling, it is above all a verb of action, it is the consequence of the sacrifices and acts of abnegation that one undertakes.

Fire is the most obvious expression of love. It is not the only one.
Loving takes time, it is a plant that we nourish every day. Loving is a project, a vision. It is like a young shoot (/ startup) – sorry for the unromantic comparison -. One can be excited by the idea, the concept or the team. However, it takes a lot of work to make it happen. It takes passion but also a lot of rationality for a business to thrive. The same goes for love, you have to be able to find the spark and even the fire. However, one must also find the water of reason in order not to be thirsty on the way and give up the race.

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