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The Discomfort Zone Is A Battlefield


The Comfort Zone is a concept popularized by books and personal development coaches, sometimes it is explained awkwardly by omitting 3 important ideas for putting this teaching into practice. Let’s see what they are.

1. The Comfort Zone is always on the move, it gets smaller if you only live in comfort.

The comfort zone is a space in constant expansion or contraction. This means that when you set yourself challenges, it grows. When we live a flat life, it shrinks to a minimum and we end up becoming rags. It is therefore always necessary to “visit” this area of discomfort, otherwise it will become larger and more work will have to be done to recover the lost ground.

2. Knowing where the boundary between the comfort and discomfort zone lies and carrying out proportionate assaults.

As you have understood, daily life is a kind of trench warfare in two zones. We are both soldiers (will and action) and generals (strategy), who launch us every morning to go and conquer the zone of discomfort. If we don’t carry out assaults, it will be the soldiers in the zone of discomfort who will attack us and we will then have to retreat. You understand that it is also dangerous to want to carry out an assault too deep into enemy lines at the risk of being surrounded and then captured, losing brave soldiers (our motivation) who could have helped us carry out other attacks. The same is true for those who seek to do something that is too far out of their comfort zone, they will not be able to hold the line and their soldiers (their motivation) will be captured. This is why it is important to dose incursions by gaining enemy ground meter by meter and not kilometre by kilometre.

3. Armies are stronger when they join forces (only the right ones)

Likewise, as it is easier to gain enemy ground with an ally, it is valuable to have a friend who can help us with soldiers and generals. Nevertheless, we have to be very selective in our alliances because we end up with an ally who finally fights for the enemy and ruins our efforts. That’s why it’s important to be clear about who you ally yourself with and also what you can bring to this alliance. Once you have found the right person(s), you have with you an army that can help you conquer your most beautiful projects.

Please note that the drawing should not take the form of a circle but rather a virus whose peaks represent our strengths and whose troughs represent our weaknesses in different areas.

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