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What Irritates Us Is Our Best Line Of Progress


We are as much defined by what we love as by what we hate. The identity that we create for ourselves over time conflicts with the values that are the opposite of those that we claim to be. Our joy is a highway on which we slide while our anger is the obstacle that gets in our way. These irritations are not only there to thwart us, they serve as a support for our progress: what we believe we are fighting is very often a struggle with our own intimate demons.

External adversity highlights our inner progress to be made. Also, we should not always lament temporary difficulties because they teach us to discover the darkest parts of our being in order to project light into them. When we begin to develop an aversion to a particular person or entity, we are actually projecting energy that can be channeled by others.

This imbalance that we create by cultivating hatred makes us more vulnerable to the manipulation of others, so the masses are excited and then unleashed at the whim of those who instrumentalize their passions.

Think of yourself in judoka: the energy you move in one direction to destroy an opponent can be very well used to bring you down by a seasoned fighter. It is therefore wiser to work on cultivating emotional balance in your mind rather than believing that your vehemence will be able to take your enemy away, it is likely that this feeling will knock you down long before.

Do not reject your sad passions, they serve as a guide, but do not give in to the idea of wanting to live according to them, as they will most certainly lead to your loss. Negative feelings are indicators of your brain thermometer. They help you see what you need to work on inside, they are indicators of something you haven’t been able to see until now. The best way to develop resilience is to work to gain inner stability, which allows us to fight injustice without stumbling because of our emotions.

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