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Exterior Beauty, Interior Reflection


Being sensitive to external beauty, whether it is expressed through architecture, poetry, or physical harmony in general, seems to be an indicator of our presence in the world. To appreciate beauty is simply to find a connection between our inner world and what surrounds us. These two hemispheres enter in resonance. Thus, to be receptive to external beauty, we must first know how to cultivate it within ourselves. In a way, we must polish our mirror so that it reflects the beauty that is present at all times.
There are several expressions of this beauty. It can be moral or aesthetic. It can touch one of the dimensions of our intelligence, visual, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic etc. If we want to bring the idea of beauty closer to another concept, it could be harmony. Can we reasonably think that someone deeply rooted in beauty would be led to commit morally reprehensible acts? A priori no, but it is true that unbalanced people can manifest an attraction for beauty and commit hideous acts. Similarly, some people who connect to beauty in a superficial way are also led to act badly. Beauty, when understood deeply, shakes us up at the most basic level: our consciousness. The core of beauty is our ethics and if it is well cultivated, it has a transformative effect on all levels of our lives. The harmony we come to perceive is simply the inner perfection that only asks to merge with our environment.

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