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Quotes to be wiser


“It is to have made a great step in wisdom to have no need of society in the evening” Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly

“If there is in the sublime of man three quarters of folly, there is in wisdom three quarters of contempt” Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly

“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” William Blake

“If the fool persevered in madness, he would meet wisdom” William Blake

“The truest wisdom is a firm determination” Napoleon Bonaparte

“The true wisdom of nations is experience” Napoleon Bonaparte

“Whoever knows man will see that it is a work of great design, which could only be conceived and executed by a profound wisdom” Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet

“The world may not be particularly wise, but as far as wisdom goes, we know no better” Samuel Butler

“Think about what? Nothing. That is called wisdom.” Jacques Chardonne

“Life is short and we must be realistic. To fight against the inevitable is a waste of time; to accept a fait accompli is a proof of wisdom, of intelligence” Robert Choquette

“Wisdom is the art of living” Cicero

“Wisdom is the knowledge of divine and human things” Cicero

“On the road, as in life, wisdom has value only if it can help man to overcome an obstacle” Paulo Coelho

“The wisdom of the woman is, like that of the man, always short by some place” Laure Conan “The world is to the will much more than to the wisdom” Henri-Frédéric Amiel

“When you see a wise man, think of matching him in virtue. When you see a man devoid of wisdom, examine yourself lest you become like him” Confucius

“Anyone who waits until he is sixty years old should be decorated. The vanity of men is such that most of them would practice sobriety and wisdom in the hope of becoming old and having the cross of honor” Georges Courteline

“It is not wisdom that we fear, but the age we are when we start practicing it” Francis Dannemark

“As soon as the slightest bit of wisdom has entered a man’s mind he longs for solitude” Alexandra David-Néel

“Maxims are the wisdom of nations” Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais

“Let us preserve by wisdom what we have acquired by enthusiasm” Nicolas de Condorcet

“The habit of wisdom almost always dispenses with virtue” Charles Eugene de Lévis-Charles

“One of the greatest wisdoms of the military art is not to push one’s enemy to despair” Michel de Montaigne

“Enjoy, there is no other wisdom; make your fellow man enjoy, there is no other virtue” Etienne Pivert de Senancœur

“There is more light and wisdom in many men together than in one” Alexis de Tocqueville

“Above all, hope must be destroyed in the heart of man. A peaceful despair, without convulsions of anger and without reproaches to heaven, is wisdom itself” Alfred de Vigny

“Excess can spoil everything, everything, even wisdom” Casimir Delavigne

“The art of maxims is not idle: it gives spirit to wisdom” Jacques Deval

“It is often necessary to give to wisdom the air of madness, in order to procure its entries” Denis Diderot

“The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations” Benjamin Disraeli

“What is the use of running away? Yes, what is the use? Since no one can leave himself. All the wisdom of living lies in this: knowing that one must leave but that one cannot leave” Réjean Ducharme

“In desperate situations, the only wisdom is blind optimism” Jean Dutourd

“The effort to unite wisdom and power rarely succeeds and only very briefly” Albert Einstein

“There is no enthusiasm without wisdom, nor wisdom without generosity” Paul Éluard

“True wisdom, true superiority is not gained by fighting but by letting things take care of themselves. Plants that resist the wind break, while flexible plants survive hurricanes” Epicurus

“Among the things with which wisdom equips itself for the felicity of the whole life, by far the most important is the possession of friendship” Epicurus

“A happy life is impossible without wisdom, honesty and justice, and these in turn are inseparable from a happy life” Epicurus

“Fortune loves the unwise; she loves the bold and those who are not afraid to say, ‘The die is cast. Wisdom, on the contrary, makes one timid” Erasmus

“O most foolish of all men, you who aspire to wisdom!” Erasmus

“The supreme wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight of them while pursuing them” William Faulker

“The knowledge of beings, the study of their behavior is the beginning of wisdom” Madeleine Ferron

“Before accomplishing all things, one must perfectly understand what it is all about: this is wisdom itself” Jean Filiatrault

“All moral beauty is accomplished in this world by that inconceivable wisdom which comes from God and resembles madness” Anatole France

“Internet is to have all the wisdom and all the baseness of the world at your fingertips” Benoît Gagnon

“Wisdom and madness sleep in the same cradle” Marc Gendron

“Wisdom is denied to those who do not know how to listen” Marc Gendron

“The wisdom of life is always deeper and wider than the wisdom of men” Maxime Gorki

“Personal reflection is the school of wisdom” Baltasar Gracián

“To accept the dependencies imposed on us by nature is wisdom; to love them is happiness” Bernard Grasset

“We should reach this elementary wisdom of considering the darkness where we are going without more anguish than the darkness where we come from. Thus, life takes its true meaning: a moment of light” Paul Guimard

“The wisdom of old men is a great mistake. It is not wiser that they become, it is more prudent” Ernest Hemingway

“Multiple knowledge does not teach wisdom” Heraclitus

“No enjoyment perhaps equals that of possessing oneself in wisdom” François Hertel

“The wisdom that a wise man seeks to communicate always has an air of madness” Herman Hesse

“You don’t know anything about wisdom until you’ve been tested in darkness” Heman Hesse

“It is pleasant to forget wisdom by the way” Horace

“To dress to your size, and to put on shoes to your foot: that is wisdom” Horace

“Be content with your lot, friend, that is wisdom” Horace

“Silence is as full of wisdom and wit in potential as uncut marble is rich in sculpture” Aldous Huxley

“Who is wiser? The one who accepts everything or the one who has decided to accept nothing? Is resignation wisdom?” Eugene Ionesco

“The art of wisdom consists in knowing what not to see” William James

“The progress of humanity is measured by the concessions that the folly of the wise makes to the wisdom of the foolish” Jean Jaurès

“Old age takes away from the man of spirit only qualities useless to wisdom. It seems that, for certain productions of the spirit, the winter of the body is the autumn of the soul” Joseph Joubert

“Human destinies are welded together with a cement of wisdom” Milan Kundera

“Stupidity is terrible because it can resemble the deepest wisdom” Valery Larbaud

“One must dare in all kinds; but the difficulty is to dare with wisdom” Bernard Le Bouyer de Fontenelle

“To enjoy this happiness that one seeks so much and finds so little, wisdom is better than genius, esteem than admiration, and the sweetness of feeling than the noise of fame” Jean le Rond d’Alembert

“Wisdom should be found in abundance; who, indeed, uses it?” Stanisław Jerzy Lec

“The beginning of wisdom: to be, to know, without the need to shout it” Michèle Mailhot

“If I ever acquire wisdom, I shall be wise enough, I imagine, to take advantage of it” William Somerset Maugham

“Fear is the beginning of wisdom” François Mauriac

“The opportunism of the heart is the only sentimental wisdom” André Maurois

“Wisdom is not suitable for all occasions; sometimes you have to be a little crazy with crazy people” Menander

“Our physical body possesses a wisdom that is lacking in the one who inhabits it” Henry Miller

“By dint of wisdom, one can be blamable” Molière

“What is love? It is the ultimate union of madness and wisdom” Edgar Morin

“Science consists in forgetting what we think we know, and wisdom in not caring” Charles Nodier

“Happiness, in truth, is all wisdom, and dreaming is all happiness” Charles Nodier

“Another form of wisdom consists in knowing what to do even if one can hardly give the reason” Jean O’Neil

“It is rare to see wisdom combined with beauty” Petronius

“Paralysis is the beginning of wisdom” Francis Picabia

“Wisdom is just a big cloud on the horizon” Francis Picabia

“Silence is the highest wisdom of man” Pindar

“Silence is the highest degree of wisdom” Pindar

“One grants to the writer, a credit of intelligence and wisdom of which only the great doctor can prevail” Bernard Pivot

“Each one, because he thinks, is only responsible for the wisdom or the madness of his life, that is to say of his destiny” Plato

“The justice of intelligence is wisdom. The wise one is not the one who knows many things, but the one who sees their right measure” Plato

“The life, which has in share temperance, courage, wisdom, or health, is more pleasant than the one where intemperance, cowardice, madness or disease are found” Plato

“Every man, whatever his wisdom, needs the advice of a wise friend in the affairs of life” Plautus

“Thinking and acting against the current of the manias and fashions of the day is the beginning of wisdom” Jean Prieur

“How many young girls, perhaps would need to lose their innocence to keep their wisdom” Gabriel Sénac de Meilhan

“Wisdom begins in wonder” Socrates

“At thirty, we have the appearance of adults, the appearance of wisdom, but only the appearance. And so afraid of doing wrong!” Isabelle Sorente

“The thing in the world that a free man thinks about least is death; and wisdom is not the meditation of death but of life” Baruch Spinoza

“Wisdom is not the meditation of death, but the meditation of life” Baruch Spinoza

“A free man thinks of nothing less than death, and his wisdom is a meditation on death but on life” Baruch Spinoza

“Distrust is the wisdom of the weak” Andrei Stoiciu

“I have studied philosophers and cats a lot. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior” Hippolyte Taine

“The supreme wisdom is to look at the world as a commercial” Pierre Turgeon

“The frontiers of wisdom are unexplored” Tristan Tzara

“Seek refuge in wisdom, for attachment to results is the cause of misfortune and misery” Ludwig van Beethoven

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” Ludwig van Beethoven

“True strength begins with wisdom” Jean Van Hamme

“There is more than one wisdom, and all are necessary in the world; it is not bad that they alternate” Marguerite Yourcenar

“Knowing how to stop in front of the incomprehensible is the supreme wisdom” Zhuangzi

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