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Our Destiny Is Revealed Over Time


We often believe that willpower alone can shape a life. It plays an undeniable role, it is true, but it can only hide for a time what is deep inside us. Willpower allows us to project ourselves onto the world with determination. There is a greater force that always ends up speaking and silencing our will: our essence. We are who we are when we are only a few days old. There is an energy in our DNA heritage, in our being, that is just waiting to be expressed. The will is cold because it is based primarily on the intellect. Our breath of life can go under the radar for years but sooner or later it will express itself. Our will is not always the best expression of who we are. It gives us the impression that we are moving forward when in fact it is only running away from our true being.
Reasonable choices with extraordinary willpower can be good at one time because they give us the illusion of knowing where we are going. Later we realize that our destiny lies elsewhere. Sudden life changes are often linked to the fact that we become aware of what we had always ignored.
Our destiny is revealed as we move forward, as if we were moving forward in a fog and suddenly a bright sunlight revealed our true path.
Rushing is not the best way to know our source. Multiplying travel experiences can be one way to put in our way the person or persons who can connect us with a path more in tune with who we are.

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