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How to progress through the art of looking at oneself from an external point of view?


Our daily life is made up of ideals and disappointments. We are disappointed because we are unable to stay the course we have set for ourselves or simply because our actions are out of step with what we say. This feeling is unpleasant, yet it is necessary in order to progress. The solitude that is spreading because of the current context makes us a little obsessed with ourselves and we keep coming back to the same ideas.
To avoid the pitfall of stagnation and the vagueness in which we can immerse ourselves without knowing it, it is advisable from time to time during the day to look at ourselves from an external point of view.

Imagine that you are looking at yourself from a place other than from yourself, what do you see? Are you satisfied or on the contrary dissatisfied with the image you are contemplating? This observation should help you to create as an impulse towards the right path. When you duplicate yourself for a few moments, you become your own coach, you can whisper in your ear advice or instructions that you can implement immediately. Often, what we lack in solitude is a referent who serves as both a guide and obliges us to take some responsibility. Do this exercise every day. Put your actions in perspective with the ideals you advocate or believe in. Act in such a way as to be proud of what you see when you engage in these extrospections. See how this technique improves your satisfaction and brings you closer to the person you aspire to.

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