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Your Mind Is The Key To Heaven


Imagine you were instantly teleported to heaven. How would you know? Would you feel a sense of peace and serene calm? You might be overwhelmed by the beauty and purity of this place. There is undoubtedly a link between your environment and your sense of well-being. Yet, could you really savor this peaceful moment as such, if your mind was consumed by thoughts of all kinds? Probably not.
There is a mutual relationship between the inside and the outside. This influence is reciprocal. If you are not serene, you will find it difficult to recreate a peaceful environment around you.

That’s why it is more than essential to do our part in this relationship. Cultivating serenity is a daily and weekly task. Ideally, you should find a time each day and a day each week to work on recreating serenity in your mind. It is far from being a superfluous investment. How many troubles, useless purchases, vain quarrels would be avoided if we knew how to find peace in ourselves!

When we manage to disperse the agitation, everything becomes clearer and beauty appears to us as a matter of course. Paradise is at our fingertips, we just need to spend a minimum amount of time to clear our minds and then we will be able to see the paradise that has always been there before our eyes.

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