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Taming Or Distancing Oneself From What One Has Been


The transmigration of the soul is by no means proven. However, starting from the principle that we had an existence of our own that preceded us, could in a certain way help us to understand and improve ourselves. When we are born, we turn out to be the product of random circumstances that make us unique. Our DNA, our environment, our family are all parameters that shape who we are or that condition our life.

What if this chance event was not the fruit of chance? What if we were born in the place where we should have been born because of past lives?
The acceptance of this idea, although quite hypothetical, could in fact relieve us in a way of the weight of existence. Wouldn’t the questions about the absurdity or the incoherence of life finally find a unique answer, namely what we have been?

This torpor that overwhelms us when we feel submerged by painful or capricious events could vanish if we paid attention to what we were.
Our present tendencies are simply the result of our past actions. The bad character we show is also the consequence of behaviors that are much earlier than what we think we are. In this, there is no merit or guilt in our present qualities or defects: they are the result of past work or negligence. However, our present existence does not relieve us of the burden of improving our essence. Our nature is the result of an endless series of lives lived, so it can take a different trajectory if we learn to correct our imperfections. Knowing who we have been helps us shape who we will be. Without this humility, it is difficult to see progress. Although we may seem somewhat innocent when we are born, we are far from being a blank sheet of paper. We have traits that are already deeply ingrained in us.
To go in search of this soul is to tame it and give it a different direction, if we want to do so. The improvement is within our reach, especially since we have already undertaken this work in past lives.

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