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Have You Been A Ray Of Sunshine For Someone Today?


3 astral objects for 3 levels of consciousness

If you think about it, we all behave a bit like stars at some point: sometimes sun, sometimes moon, sometimes black hole. To improve ourselves every day is to take the sun as a model.

The black hole

The black hole absorbs all the matter and the light which cross its way. When we behave like a black hole, we tend to suck up people’s energy and give nothing in return. One can act as a real manipulator or simply in a toxic way. This behavior is of course bad for others, it is the result of our inability to draw our energy from the positive thoughts that we have trouble maintaining.

The Moon

Lunar people reflect the light of the people they receive. They do not manage to be the source of this light. They need to find a guide in order to have a positive impact on others.

The sun

The solar being is ideal, it is the highest degree of personal realization. It is a level that we reach by connecting directly to our source and that we can project joy and good vibes without expecting anything in return.

Often we are a bit of these three astral bodies, depending on our state of fatigue, we can sometimes be one, sometimes the other.
It is good to ask ourselves if we have succeeded, during our day, in projecting a little of our light, even if this light is only a reflection of the light of others. Are we a servant of the light or a servant of the dark? And if we have failed to spread the light, how will we change that the next day? This simple question at the end of each day could create a positive dynamic and it could create a collective force if more people asked it. There are a thousand ways to become a servant of light:
– act with benevolence, that is to say, to act in consciousness and in love
– render a disinterested and anonymous service
– pray for the good of others
– work on your own well-being (if you improve your well-being, you will improve the well-being of others)
-listening to people with compassion
– etc.

The sun shines because there are thousands of magma explosions rising to its surface in real time. The sun’s energy comes from its core and then emanates outwards.
To act like the sun, we must work on our own harmony and joy and then work to spread it.

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