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Fighting Anxiety With The Verb To Do


We are all living in a period of doubt and questioning. When negative ideas are repeated in our heads, we feel like we are suffocating. The lack of control we may experience is often the source of terrible frustration. How can we put an end to this impression? Are we doomed to depression?

There is always a way to chase away the shadows, it is through light. The same goes for negative thoughts, they can emerge because of our inaction and the lack of self-esteem it creates. To put an end to this vicious circle, we must make the decision to act and have an impact on our environment, no matter how small. To do this, you could list tasks from the simplest to the most ambitious and tackle them according to your level of motivation. Have a personal mantra that you can use as a guide. Is there a value that animates you, that gives you good energy when you think about it? For example, it could be the word “love”, “help” or it could be the name of someone you value. Make an effort to control or at least positively influence your thoughts through daily reminders. See how these mantras improve your proactivity. Be satisfied with the small daily victories they generate. The harder you try to remember your core values, the more you will move towards a positive dynamic. Believe in this method, don’t give up, everyone can do it, as long as they are recognized for the change they have made, however humble it may be during this transformation process.

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