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What Can Be The Biggest Failure Of Your Life?


My answer to this question will be a bit trivial, but I can’t think of any others. In my opinion, to fail one’s life is to try to live another’s life, the life that has been imposed on us, the one that has been presented to us as the only option.

The only life worth living is his. However, such a choice is much more demanding than all those that are proposed, because living one’s life implies going through a thousand perils. Living one’s own life is risky, it often implies being in opposition with one’s family and even one’s friends. To live a life worthy of who we are obliges us to draw from within ourselves, which often requires solitude, doubt and questioning. All this is uncomfortable and not everyone is ready to face such situations. It is more pleasant to be comforted in mawkish choices that no one will come to challenge except perhaps our inner self, which would cry out in distress as many times as possible. These groans that we will try as best we can to silence by the validations represented by the likes of our “friends” on the web that come to label our adherence to the ideology of abandoning our source.

Because yes, social networks are there to emulate our most gregarious behaviors by promoting a false idea of authenticity rhyming most often with superficiality.

To succeed in life, we must go towards ourselves, that is to say, seek solitude. Modern life teaches us the opposite. By constantly capturing our attention, the giants of technology have managed to create a permanent flight from ourselves. We are constantly inclined to go and see what’s going on elsewhere, to spy on the lives of others to better forget our own and above all to forget to ask ourselves the right questions.

In a world that seeks exceptionality, the best you can do to reach this goal is to draw from within yourself, go deep within yourself and you will see, there are no two like you. The tragedy of our times is that the majority of us stay on the surface, afraid to go and see what is in the abyss of our being. As a result, we are clones driven by a false idea of success.

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