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The 11 virtues of the cat

The cat has 9 lives, but also 11 virtues …

Here’s why you should take a cue from your cat

“Deep down, we are all motivated by the same urgencies. Cats have the courage to live without worrying about it” Jim Davis

Without realizing it, you have a master mind in your home or in your neighbor’s house. This little furry animal with four legs embodies many values that many of our contemporaries lack. The cat, as it is called, has qualities that it embodies at every moment. The cat, whether it is of living rooms or of gutter, does not leave us indifferent. What we notice at once in him is a subtle mixture of freedom, dignity, elegance, subtlety, charisma, pride – although sometimes tinged with contempt or indifference of others -, discretion, calm, nobility, seduction, tenacity, boldness, independence or radical honesty. Here is how the cat can inspire us to develop each of these qualities:

1- Be free as a cat

Whether a cat lives without physical restraint on the streets or confined to an apartment, it will never stop conveying the idea of freedom. He breathes freedom, no matter what the circumstances, whether he is hungry or thirsty, he always gives us the impression that he can lead his life as he pleases. The cat is free, starting with free to do what he wants. They have an undeniable cult following for their own well-being and that’s why they aspire to be free at all costs. The cat’s freedom takes many forms, the first being that it does not really belong to its master. Although a domesticated animal, the cat has not been completely domesticated. Under your roof, it will live as it pleases so that it will be more like a roommate or family member than an animal in your care. The cat is free even if its movements are restricted (if it lives in an apartment, for example) and even if it depends on someone else for its livelihood.

The cat’s lesson: Thus, the cat teaches us that freedom is always a choice in spite of the circumstances. He who wants to is free.

2- Cats are worthy

What is unusual about the cat is its almost princely appearance. Whether they live off the scraps they find in the garbage or the exquisite dishes prepared by a devoted mistress, cats will always give us the impression that they are in control, that they have nothing to complain about. If he’s hungry, he won’t come running to you to open a can of food. On the contrary, he will make you understand quite subtly that he might be hungry and then you will rush without realizing it to serve your pet transformed into a distinguished guest. The cat is always a guest. Because he always marks a certain distance, you never feel like you own him. This distance creates respect and even admiration. Because the cat respects itself above all and thinks of its own interests, it generates a form of aura around it that invites people to show it the same level of consideration.

The cat’s lesson: self-respect begets self-respect.

3- Cats are elegant

The cat also fascinates us by its appearance, by the way it holds itself, by its coat which is almost like a royal outfit. The poses they take and the looks they give impose a natural form of authority on all those they meet. The discretion in its movements, the sprezzatura that it shows at every moment can only fascinate us and make us forget that the cat neither more nor less than a ball of hair of a few kilos.

Lesson of the cat: elegance is to be worked, it combines self-esteem and restraint

4- Subtlety,  cats’ prerogative

Cats never run around with their big hooves, just the opposite! They have four paws with pads, which is perhaps why they naturally master the art of insinuation and innuendo. Because he is dignified, as we have seen, the cat will never show himself in need. It would rather pretend to be full than look hungry. However, if he needs to send you a message, he will communicate it finely so that the desire comes from you and never from him.

The cat’s lesson: don’t be transparent, keep some of your innermost feelings and thoughts to yourself

5- The charisma of cats

The cat may be very small, but it always attracts fascinated and sometimes intrigued looks. He has a natural magnetism which is due to the many qualities he has. Charisma is a natural consequence of all the qualities he is endowed with. Charisma is only an emanation of deep qualities.

The cat’s lesson: don’t try to be charismatic, try only to cultivate noble qualities and your charisma will be the natural consequence.

6- Proud as a cat

The word “proud” comes from the Latin “ferus” meaning “wild” (understand “wild animal”). It is undoubtedly because it has not been totally tamed that the cat has remained proud in the manner of the other felines of which it is the distant cousin. The cat is proud, that is to say etymologically that it does not conform completely to the social norms and that it can at the same time get rid of them and let its wild nature take over. This pride makes him a bit formidable, which contributes to his enigmatic respect.

The cat’s lesson: know how to emancipate yourself from the rules wisely, remain your own master and be ready to sell your skin dearly to defend yourself if necessary

7- Cat are discreet and calm

If the cat has been able to conquer homes, it is above all because it has been able to blend in and occupy a space without being noticed. The cat moves quietly, eats in silence and spends most of its time sleeping. In short, the cat is a kind of house ninja who thinks about sleeping rather than training.

The cat’s lesson: in order to be accepted, you must know how to be discreet and not disturb by an untimely racket

8- The nobility cats

The cat is a little furry king on four legs. His nobility is also due to the other qualities mentioned above. To these we should add boldness, that is to say courage, an essential and cardinal virtue that he also possesses.

The cat’s lesson: to be noble means to cultivate virtue, i.e. the qualities of the heart, the first of which is courage (“courage” comes from the word heart)

9- Cats are obviously seductive

Because it is very small, very small, the cat had to compensate for this disadvantage by showing itself to be more refined and cunning than other animals. Seduction is the mark of a social intelligence which the cat is naturally endowed with. Seduction consists in charming without being explicit, in provoking desire while remaining elusive and elusive. It is also to succeed in making others do things without resorting to violence. The cat knows exactly how to do this.

The cat’s lesson: learn to defend yourself not by brute force but by intelligence

10- Tenacity, boldness

The cat, although seemingly puny, can prove to be a formidable opponent if you were to enrage him. His outbursts of anger are rare, but they are no less memorable. It seems that he learned martial arts in a previous life because his small weight and his dexterity when facing a dog, for example, that is ten times his weight, can make us think of Bruce Lee’s contortions when he faced the giant Jabbar.

The cat’s lesson: if you have to choose between being imposing but flabby and small but combative or even tenacious, don’t hesitate, do like the cat, choose to be small but bold!

11- Radical honesty

The cat doesn’t pretend, when he doesn’t like it he loses interest and doesn’t try to please you. It places sincerity above all social conventions.

The cat’s lesson: be honest even if you don’t like it

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