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MMA : really Mixed Martial Arts?

It seems we became exposed in the recent years to the least respectful behaviours and most abject conducts in a sport known as MMA. How is it possible to let this subject be called “artist”? Is there any relationship between an artistic painter and an MMA fighter? Actually, it should have a meaning, because indeed, martial arts are artistic. They do need dedication, creativity, imagination, discipline, sense of beauty and generosity and much more. The only issue with MMA is that most fighters are driven by fame and money except probably GSP (Georges Saint Pierre) and a few others who are able to show decency and profundity.

A few of those fighters caught the essence of what is a martial art which is not only to fight or kill but the expression of our humanity which dares face death with grace and detachment. There is no grace most of the time in MMA, yet there could have some of it in it. MMA and true Martial art have as opposed and porn is with sex made out of love: on is driven by profit the other one by love and compassion.
MMA is a combination of voyeurism, consumerism and ego fulfilment. A true martial artist works toward the eradication of his / her ego which is the opposite of most MMA combatants. Finally, yes, a lot of MMA fighters do corrupt martial arts by showing the wrong message, when they do so, either they are Misguiding or Malicious Antihero.

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