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Raise Your Children As You Would Cultivate A Garden


We all want to have early children just as we want to harvest our strawberries earlier in the year. However, a parent is not an animal trainer, he is first and foremost a gardener. The value of an education is only as good as the ability to recreate an environment conducive to the proper “growth” of children. Children may not be born in cabbages, but they grow up like them.
Just as the plant doesn’t need you to grow, the child grows by himself, it is the logic of life, a process that cannot be controlled, it is genetics that is at work. However, like the gardener, you can control the favorable environment that allows it to grow in good conditions. A plant needs water, oxygen, good soil and sunshine to perform at its best. You can help with each of these parameters. You can’t turn yourself into sunshine, but you can make sure to root your plants in the places where the sun is most favorable. An individual needs love, security, food, a balanced social life (family, friends etc.) and many other things.

As a parent, you have control over what surrounds your offspring, nothing else. You can force them, but this will prevent them from growing like bonsais who remain dwarves all their lives.

A plant needs water but not too much, a gardener can make do with half a serving of water to compensate for weather conditions. Likewise, a child needs comfort and attention, but in good proportion, at the risk of drowning in a comfort that prevents them from managing on their own.

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