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You’re Not Crazy, Maybe You’re Just In The Wrong Place


There are two types of plants, those that survive despite an unfavorable environment and those that disappear. Those that manage to grow despite constraints are not quite the same as what their genetic heritage had programmed for them. This explains the genetic mutations afterwards. On the other hand, the plants that do not survive did not want to modify or adapt themselves. They preferred to remain what their genetic code had planned for them.
Is it bad to be one or the other? Neither is bad in itself. One contributes to the perpetuation of life and the other to the perpetuation of its genetic code. They contribute in their own way to the diversity of the world.

A human being is a plant in a way. To flourish, it needs the best possible conditions, in accordance with its nature. When a human is confronted with the hostility of his environment, two ways are open to him: to change or to go and find elsewhere a setting that corresponds better to him.
When one decides to stay but is not ready to change – which can mean becoming corrupted in some cases – the individual experiences suffering that can go as far as depression. Human diversity is great, as is the diversity of possible environments in which one can live. Unlike plants, humans can go elsewhere to find the happiness that they are unable to create at home, either because they do not share its values or because they do not wish to change in order to adapt to an environment they despise.

The departure is a suffering, but the arrival can be a liberation for the one who finds an environment favorable to his blooming. Happiness is earned because it is necessary to make sacrifices to go and find elsewhere the ideal biotope that our original land lacked.

If you suffer, it is perhaps because you have psychological blocks which hold you back. But it may be that you have not yet found the ecosystem that will allow your inner beauty to blossom and grow, which does not find its expression in the place where you are now, which seems sometimes hostile, sometimes corruptible.

So examine yourself to find out which environment (professional, cultural, etc.) could best house and strengthen your inner qualities. And then, set out to discover environments more favorable to your success and well-being. It will be necessary to repeat yourself several times in doubt, but the more you explore, the more you will know what contributes to your happiness.

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