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You Are Never Alone


It is up to you to find that village populated by your spiritual family. It exists somewhere in the sky, in your mind, in your books, in those few friends, that family, that tribe you think you never had.
Providence has entered you into a game without you knowing it. It has given you two families: one of blood and one of heart. The game is for you to find your family of the heart, whose members are scattered all over the world and even beyond. You have the space of a lifetime to recreate this ethereal family village.

Its members are protean: human, angelic, bookish, dreamlike, animal or even mineral or vegetable etc. It is up to you to recognize them, by their vibration, the effect they have on you.

Not to feel alone implies to go beyond appearances and to accept the presence of luminous entities who only want to console you or help you. Loneliness is not the fact of being physically alone, but of having lost the ability to recognize the existence of the divine wherever you are.

For this spiritual family to see us, we must let our natural light shine through and break down the walls built by cumbersome identities or an oversized ego. Let’s forget our human form from time to time to visit this village perched in the air whose inhabitants are waiting for us.

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