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How To Make Your Voice Heard Without Hurting While Providing Valuable Feedback


When it comes to freedom of speech, we are somehow confused because this concept doesn’t imply a clear vision of an underlying idea: the intention. 

As you know, there are several ways to do harm or do good. Two are visible: our deeds and our word. One is invisible: our thoughts. Whether it’s an action or a word, both are the plant of the same seed: our thoughts. We always have the choice of planting a seed of a good or a poisonous plant. That’s why it’s necessary be aware of our internal thinking. We should let our mind wander because it’s a prerequisite for creativity. However, we should always keep in mind our intention when we act or speak. Indeed, we may sometimes been caught in a negative spirale which may be detrimental to others. This is why, we need to cultivate self-reflection which prevents to step over the line when it comes to interacting with other. As you may already know, there are 8 types of intelligences according to the psychologist Howard Gardner: the musical-rhythmic,     the visual-spatial, the verbal-linguistic, the logical-mathematical, the bodily-kinesthetic, the interpersonal, the intrapersonal and the naturalistic.

Depending on the society where we grew up, we may have been more sensitized to a set of types of intelligence. Unfortunately, the one which is often neglected and though that is important for mutual understanding is the intrapersonal one. 

Why is that type of intelligence so important? 

The interpersonal intelligence nurtures the interpersonal one. Indeed, we are able to reflect on our emotions, actions and word, we can become aware and sensitive of someone’s else internal world. Someone who has a good internal intelligence is usually way more fully aware of his or her intention. He or she can correct a bad word or a bad deed almost immediately. This capability is precious because it enables very smooth and gentle approaches with anyone. 

Highly intrapersonal intelligent people are rare even though it’s a trait more frequent in women than men. 

There are many different ways of developing this acumen, however they all have in common to be done in solitude. When you get acquainted with yourself you have more chance to comprehend others. Here is a list of activities that you can practice to develop your interpersonal intelligence : reading, meditating, painting, gardening, playing an instrument, writing and so forth.  

As you may have understood, it is more important to be understanding and even caring when interacting with others rather than making a point. It always worth more preserving the relationship by sharing benevolent comment than hurting by “telling the truth”. Word are a two-edged sword that needs to be use wisely. Thus, speak up you mind as long you as you do it with a loving heart. 

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