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Hands of God


Everywhere we look there are disasters, injustice and sadness. There are whales of tear, people who are starving out of hunger, mouths kept shut off and peoples under torcher in jails for fighting for their basic needs, animals and plants in danger of extinction and the close uncompensatable  damage to the environment.

Let’s imagine a short lived temporary presence on earth for each one of us. If so, why not take the most advantage for us while neglecting what is being called morality? Probably we won’t face deep sadness and harm by living a selfish life, and by believing that we are the only being that matters and are being served.

Now let us add religions and morality to the story and let us believe in a higher goal that unites these scattered particles in a very complex and delicate connection. The least benefit would be setting the rules that limits the harm to the whole and taking other’s harm as our own at most or trading the good deed and suppressing our whimsical desires with the probable rewards after life.

This is exactly the point many unbelievers could challenge the religion and the idea of a just God. Why must there be all these pains if there is an almighty God? Why should there be any voracious desire that leads into harming people and nature. Why does the distance between wealthy and needy get more and more every moment? And finally, how would you set the story if you were that almighty God?

Having all these questions in mind, I got a sparkle of understanding by watching sellers of pigeon food next to a beautiful square. Need and needy were so close but still the chain was broken until a little boy spent a few coins to connect this chain. The sparkle of joy on his eyes was the best possible answer to all these questions. It seems that God’s will is not to feed the needy by miracles, but God made us miracles that keep the story going while growing through it. We all act as the Hands of God and we rejoice deeply through playing God’s role and by being the reed that God blows through it.

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