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Four Years To Become Another


Quality requires a sustained effort that could be called quantity. Before you can produce quality, you must have produced a lot. Do you want to excel in a field? Do you want to devote a significant part of your time to it? Few are willing to do so simply because quantity is synonymous with repetitiveness, which is often associated with boredom. If you’re not ready for that, what are you ready for? If you run away from quantity, you will find it sooner or later on your way. If you don’t want to give yourself over to something you love to become one of the best, you may end up doing something you don’t like every day of your week.

According to an OECD report (, it takes an average of 5 generations for poor children to move up to the middle class level. That’s a lot.
Nevertheless, there are exceptions, people who miraculously escape their social conditioning in a single generation. They are the ones who perhaps bring down the average that would otherwise be 6 generations. What do they have in common apart from being statistical anomalies?
They are above all doers of things, that is to say that they have managed to master a skill and they have had a big boost from destiny. There are millions of talented people, but few manage to get by. Does that mean we should give up?
No, we just have to work in such a way that if luck smiles at us, we can smile back.

A lot of pressure can weigh on our shoulders if we come from a modest background, we can feel we have nothing to lose while at the same time our loved ones depend more on us than in more affluent backgrounds. The main motivation for entrepreneurship in an underprivileged social environment is not the taste for risk, but above all the need and the lack of alternatives.

There can be many complications when you don’t have a choice; you don’t necessarily look at the risks associated with such projects.
Sometimes, one would like to feel stateless, as the family can be a burden rather than a relief. The mental fights we have with others weaken our energy, distract us from what is essential and ultimately lower our spirits.

We often wish we could solve problems with a wave of a magic wand. However, problems have the capacity to ennoble us if we see them more as ramparts but rather as a challenge between ourselves and a better self.

To fill a vase, it is sometimes necessary to know how to do it drop by drop. It is the same for filling our being, we must learn to pour drops of sweat. These seem invisible to others, but to you they are real, they are salty but eventually they will become drops of gold. Give yourself four years to change everything in you. Why this duration? It may seem arbitrary. It is partly so indeed, but it will give you the opportunity to pour 10,000 drops corresponding to 10,000 hours of complete dedication to a skill, which is equivalent to a little less than 7 hours a day, including weekends.

Of course, it is difficult to impose such a rhythm on yourself, but if you come, you might be able to ensure yourself a bright future. If you take as a reference your entourage in terms of work to be done, you will have more or less the same results. Between vegetating and working hard, there is always a happy medium that suits you. Know how to place the cursor that corresponds to the life you aspire to.

Choose a person who inspires you and you can change later. Set yourself the same deadlines in terms of the work you have to do; the key is to know what your days are made up of. If you take the trouble and believe in numbers, that is, that there are effort indicators for each result, then you can reasonably get out of the tunnel. Just learn the indicators from the people whose results you admire.

The idea is not to run away, but rather to maintain a steady pace throughout your journey by knowing how to do certain moments of peak speed. Fatigue will overwhelm you and repetition will bore you. The desire to give up is what we all face. However, if you can always shut down the boredom by finding a new way to love what you do, by discovering new ways to improve yourself, then you can be confident in your ability to meet the initial challenge.

You dream of leading an exuberant life, but your greatness lies above all in your ability to accomplish enormous work in silence. Let your work speak for you.

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