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Why Do We Turn Love Into Ugliness?


We are bombarded by false beliefs about love. Sometimes carnal, sometimes romantic, one can forget the spiritual or transcendental dimension. There exists an ideology, which is reinforced by media propaganda and shapes the manner in which millions of people live and how they think about love. People tend to have an individualistic conception of the relationship between two people. Egoism is not love. Wanting to fulfill physical desires or increase one’s self esteem is the opposite of love – little does it matter if the bad intentions are hidden behind a smile or charming words.

After all, people get what they love dearly, right? If we sincerely work to find true love, wouldn’t we eventually find it?  For fear of not adhering to established standards, we run away from solitude to throw ourselves towards the first person that comes along. Solitude is often looked down upon by those in search of love, yet it is in solitude that one asks themselves the best questions and often arrives at the best answers.

Maintaining an illusion of outside companionship in order to escape an emptiness inside is frequent. Nevertheless, it is not in running away from ourselves that we arrive at illuminating parts of the darkness and the unknown which sleep within us.

Love is the kingdom of being, not of having. Love improves a person whereas the absence of love weakens them. Love is necessary. It demands patience, sacrifice and measure, but the fruits of love are soft and sweet.  On the other hand, false love is impatient, explosive, destructive, and its fruits are bitter and painful.

For meeting the right person, one has to become this other person. What values and traits do you look for in a person?  Once you have a clear idea of this person and the values which motivate them, don’t start looking. On the contrary, improve these values and traits in yourself. You cannot attract someone who does not resemble you in your points of view. It’s necessary that you learn to put yourself in the same “vibration” or “frequency” as the ideal person you wish to meet. There exists different levels of consciousness which correspond to different levels of value. A greedy person does not have the same level of “vibration” as a selfless person.

So it’s right to understand from the reading, that  positive friendships  cultivate an ideal  “vibratory” state in order to resonate with the good person.  Cultivating good values and good thoughts will naturally move us closer to good people.

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