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Are You A Profiteer Or A Servant?


two paths are open to us

In our relationship with others, there are very few situations in which we are truly equal. Whether it’s business, work or personal relationships, there is bound to be a slight inequity that can grow over time. When dealing with others, therefore, one can choose between two approaches, that of serving or that of taking advantage.

Serving is restrictive since it involves giving of oneself and ultimately feeling inferior. This is true if one does things reluctantly.
Adopting the attitude of a servant is often despised because it seems to be the characteristic of the dominated. Yet, it is only in service that one attains a certain nobility.

To behave like a profiteer, to enjoy the alleged or supposed gains of a particular situation is vulgar because we commit the offense of acting knowing that we are harming the other party. Adopting such a posture is undignified probably also most often because it appeals to our baser desires. Moreover, it is frequently by cunning or lies that we manage to take advantage of a situation or at least to achieve our ends.

We are all servants or profiteers at different times of the day or at different times in our lives. However, if we choose to take shortcuts and not put in the necessary effort, we are likely to go the way of the profiteer.

To be intelligent is one thing, but this intelligence must not be used only for our personal interest.

To be a servant is literally to make a contribution to people’s lives and not to take their wealth, whether it is material or not.

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