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Identity Is Not Granted But Taken


We all grew up in a society that shaped a large part of our identity. Some culture are more rigid than others which explains why it is difficult for some to define their identity. Indeed, some communities don’t let too much room to its members to define themselves. Sometimes, it happens that from birth to death, our behavior may only be dictated by its initial condition. In this matter, western countries seem more flexible, even though a lot of improvements can still be done. So, are we really free to be who we are?

It seems quite safe to go with the flow, especially when it comes to religion. In many countries, religion means politic power, thus, if we challenge religion he may be seen a political opponent. Moreover, religion may also control very intimate parts of someone’s life, leaving almost no room for free will. Then, how someone should behave in such circumstances if he feels he doesn’t fit with this general standard?

We may first cultivate our mind through reading of non-conventional books, which is not actually easy in a few countries when censure restricts press and bookshops. We may cultivate our bravery and try to find our tribe of likeminded people. It is hard to live in a country in which our don’t share the way of thinking with most people. Sometimes, we may even think that something is wrong with us or simply we are wrong. If we can, we should travel to see that we are not alone and many other people share our views.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a balance between tradition and modernity, I may be just a misfit,born during the wrong period. On the other hand, we should think of oneself as a pioneer, someone who is in advance and leads the rest of the population towards a brighter future. Feeling lonely or odd is the common denominator of all revolutionaries and progressives. It requires courage to challenge conformity and opposing forces, in order to push society forward, but it might be worthwhile.

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