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Being A Guru


From the Sanskrit गुरू, gurū, meaning “teacher”, “professor”, or literally, “one who dispels darkness”.

The term has subsequently taken on a negative connotation and can be de facto associated with the idea of charlatanism or impostor. However, a guru was originally only a guide on the spiritual path. Today, it has a wider meaning as it applies to all fields of secular knowledge, designating an expert in his field.
Whether we like it or not, we all have to play the role of a role model in our lives, whether we are a big brother, a parent, a teacher, etc.

Without having a clearly defined role that gives us authority, our experience can be valuable teaching material for others. It is unpleasant to have someone lecture us or advise us on anything without our asking. Therefore, the best teaching that can be done is by example, without any pretension. Through your work and your commitment to a certain result, you will come to create an ability in the discipline of your choice. Once this ability is acquired, you may be asked for questions or advice to improve the results of others in the same field. It is therefore futile and unproductive to preach without having made knowledge your own. The first step to becoming a guru is self-discipline, which often involves years of working in the shadows.

Assuming the role of an expert is earned and involves helping others who are pursuing the same path. Teaching or mentoring is an integral part of being an expert in the pursuit of excellence. It implies having an in-depth knowledge of a discipline, which manifests itself in the ability to reformulate ideas and concepts in a simple and concise manner, most of the time.

Being a guru is simply the desire to become better at a particular subject and then to be able to help a community. This approach is deeply rooted in us as this is how knowledge has been passed down for most of human history.

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