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A Lasting Relationship Begins Long Before The Meeting


Invest in self-knowledge and self-improvement

Many relationships are doomed to failure before they have even begun, as individuals lack maturity, which leads them to inconsistency and straying. Self-knowledge is the basis of the relationship with others. If we know who we are, we may be able to make choices about who we want to see in our lives. The problem is that we live in a time when loneliness is seen as a defect that we hasten to hide by throwing ourselves into the arms of the first person we meet. This headlong rush usually prevents us from asking ourselves questions at a turning point in our lives. Maturity is not the fruit of encounters but rather a taming of oneself or an encounter with oneself.

When one does not make this preliminary effort, one is forced to relive the same disappointments over and over again. What is “self”? It is above all a set of aspirations and desires that cannot be reduced to the desire not to be alone.

When we are aware of our deepest ambitions and values, we are able to choose with great acuity the people who correspond to us.

Beyond this introspective work, which is useful in any couple relationship, it is important to be in a process of improvement. A couple is not a raft where two individuals let themselves be carried along by the winds. No, it is rather a vessel whose crew wishes to go to the same destination and where each person gives the best of themselves to make this project a reality. Each knows that he or she will not be able to do it without the help of the other. This must imply great humility and an effort for self-improvement in order to always help the boat so that it does not turn into a drifting raft.

Thus, clarity, dedication, team spirit and continuous improvement must be the key words for lasting relationships.

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