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Look for a place where you no longer feel the need to compare yourself

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Envy and jealousy are the expression of dissatisfaction that express dissatisfaction with what we do in our lives. If we are truly satisfied with where we are, we should feel joy when we hear about the success of others.

This feeling of comparison that we can cultivate throughout our lives can parasitize our existence and simply prevent us from being happy. If you compare yourself too much to others, it may be time to change what you are doing because you most certainly don’t like what you are doing.
Even in competitive occupations, those who excel the best are in fact most often detached from the competition. They focus on what they can improve and above all they think about what they like. So it is important to listen when we feel the urge, it is a sign that we are not living fully.

Look for an activity that takes away the desire to compare yourself. It’s simple, if you do what you love and revel in the moments spent practicing your profession, you simply won’t have the time or mental space to covet or spy on your neighbor.

Your full satisfaction can most certainly be expressed through the natural kindness you feel towards others. Thus, never stop in your quest for a vocation, you will never find it the first time. Sometimes it takes several attempts to find what you really like. We make mistakes, don’t be afraid to change jobs until you feel fully in your place and no success of another will threaten your serenity.

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