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Creating your own moat


The job market is a gladiatorial arena for some in which you have to deploy the best weapons to outperform your opponents. Why not flee the competition? Why not apply the Blue Ocean strategy? When you face a competitor there are three main strategies for defeating them: engage in a head-on, merciless head-to-head battle, dissuade them from fighting, or take…


What is a failing society?


Recent events have highlighted the inequalities that persist in supposedly the world’s most advanced societies. How can we explain the persistence of abominable acts by those in power? Is it a reminder of the past? Are we all doomed to relive the injustices at the very root of the constitution of our nations? What are the healthy foundations of a…


Dodging and withstanding: two essential virtues for the relationship with others


Knowing how to draw on boxing and animal defence strategies When we interact with others, we are presented with experiences that could be placed into three categories: positive, neutral or negative. Often we come out of a negative experience affected by a negative experience and invigorated by a positive one. A problem can arise when we repeatedly encounter harmful people…


Is there an animal nobility?

From the age of bestiaries to the present day The Middle Ages is an interesting period in that it reflects the coexistence of different influences, both pagan and Christian. One of the manifestations of the persistence of pagan influences is the existence of bestiaries, which in themselves constitute historiographical if not at least cultural material. The bestiaries represented works listing…

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