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What’s Wrong With Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural appropriation is not something everyone understands. Most people don’t see where the harm is being done. Let me give you some pointers. Cultural Appropriation, Another Name For A War Trophy In the past, when two armies engaged in battle and one finally managed to gain the upper hand, war trophies were often captured. For example, at the end of…


Writing To Think About Man And The Dangers Ahead

Why Writing Won’t Cease To Be A Useful Skill In The Age Of Chat Gpt Writing Is A Timeless Skill Good writing is about clarity, synthesis, accuracy, precision, intelligence and empathy. In short, writing can’t be improvised. Writing is the school that teaches us how to think. Although there are artificial intelligences that can write better and more prolifically, it…


Ai Forces Us To Redefine Intelligence And Position Ourselves On Its Scale

Artificial intelligence defies human or so-called natural intelligence. Civilization is built on the very idea of intelligence: what we have been able to build over the centuries has been the continuity of the transmission of intelligence through language, whether oral or written, from generation to generation. Anthropocentrism (the idea that the world somehow revolves around man) is partly justified by…