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The Clean-as-You-Go Principle

I’m not obsessive about neatness, but I’ve learned ways of keeping my house neat and clean in a simple, stress-free way. I call it the “Clean-as-You-Go Principle.” By Leo Babauta from That’s pretty self-explanatory, but of course I can’t resist going into the details. And also, I’ve found this principle to be great for other areas of my life:…


Upgrading Your Mind

In this article I’ll share some of the practical benefits of improving your mind management skills and some key benefits you can gain. This isn’t a how-to article. It’s an overview of some of the wonderful possibilities to explore. by Steve Pavlina from Mind Management Many people identify with their minds, treating their minds as synonymous with themselves. This…


Conquer Your Day with Mini-Missions

You haven’t been very productive lately, admit it. by Leo Babauta from You’ve been watching too many videos, cruising your favorite social media, haven’t exercised in too long … you’re slipping, my friend. I’ve got the fix for you. Mini-missions. Here’s how it works: You set yourself a few mini-missions for the day. For example: 1) Write Zen Habits…


Caring for Your Mind

The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. If your thinking is foggy, unfocused, circular, or random, your results will reflect that. If your mind is sharp, focused, and clear, your results will reflect that too. by Steve Pavlina from If you care about having a good life, then care about cultivating a strong mind since a…


5 Ways to Simplify Today

Living a life of simplicity can be a beautiful thing. But simplifying itself can seem like an overwhelming process. by Leo Babauta So I recommend simplicity in your simplifying. Instead of trying to simplify your whole life, tossing out all your clutter and paring your schedule to just meditation and writing your novel … how about just simplifying one…

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