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Your Teacher Is Everywhere


It is said there are two types of people in this world: the one who is an example to follow, and one who is an example to avoid.

People are a great source of teaching because everyone has a certain degree of qualities and flaws. A quality can be natural or acquired. Thus, someone can be naturally diligent or respectful, so it is essential to know how this person has developed his or her qualities. Likewise, we can be the master of everyone to some extent. The only requisite is to be able to distinguish the model from the counter-model. The main issue is that we may sometimes not take the right person as a model or even as a hero which contributes to making us take the wrong path.
It is important to ask ourselves when we see or talk to someone if we want to be like this person and why. What are the virtues we want to get inspired from? Why is this person so special to us? On the other hand, we must identify qualities that are not aligned with our own values or the one that we want to develop within ourselves. Also, it is wise to be grateful to whatever right or wrong master who shows up to us. Indeed, someone will teach you a lesson of how to be or how not to be. Moreover, we can find good and bad qualities within everyone, as no one is always completely “wrong” or always completely “right”. However, we do need to both grow our critical and grateful mind.

To do so, we need to convert ourselves into good listeners and observers. If we follow this attitude, we may be eventually be called a wise woman or man, as we would have learnt precious lessons throughout all of our lives.
A good listener may become a good leader and even a good speaker, the opposite isn’t necessarily true.


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