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Human nature does not exist

Human nature does not exist, it is an ideological construction aimed at reaffirming the supremacy of the human over the animal in an anthropocentrist and specististic vision. Has anyone ever heard of equine or canine nature, no, since he is the horse and the dog in the same group, the one of the animal, the of nature. When one reads about human nature, one realizes most often that it is about human culture. An ethological study would show us the great proximity that exists between man and animal, the only notable differences are of a cultural nature. Thus, human nature is its culture, although there seems to be an animal culture as well, although less complex than ours. To speak of human nature shows how much we have been conditioned by religions and sciences that cultivate an anthropocentric vision. On the other hand, because we live in society, we come to forget our closeness to the animal world, making us at the same time that the world is above all nature and not culture.

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