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Are all African Americans black?

The world has bought into the idea that all African Americans are black. This shows how despicable idea endure

You may have heard of the one-drop rule which basically stated that any person in the state of Arkansas, whose ancestor was African was defined as black, therefore he could not enjoy the same rights as white citizens. It seems that this concept has been absorbed by the whole country and remains deeply rooted in the subconscious mind.

What we forget nowadays is that a lot of slave masters used to rape their female slaves in all of the countries in which slavery was practiced (e.g. in the Caribbean islands, South America, the Muslim World and so forth). This implies that a high percentage of the African Americans today have at least one European ancestor. Thus, it’s not surprising to discover that some of them are actually more white than black due to the abuses their ancestors suffered and/or also modern interracial marriages. So how come such people have been called black then? These descendants may have inherited their heritage from the black population and even themselves “black” for this reason. However, we, as a society should not systematically assimilate them as “black” because it is the continuance of the racist one-drop rule. We, should instead accept that a lot of black people are indeed white because more than 50% of their DNA is European and in doing so we acknowledge the extent of the rape of many African women during slavery and then do we definitely abolish this unconscious, though abject, one-drop rule.

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