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Choose a society that puts you at the top of its social ladder


A society is not neutral; it is the result of traditions, beliefs, particular developments, and the choices of those who govern. You may have realized that some countries emphasize one value over another. Let’s look at four values that shape four very different societies: mana, philotimo, culture, and money.  Mana: the first principle of Polynesian societies Mana corresponds to prestige,…


Overtake the master


In order to make rapid progress in a field, it is necessary to follow in the footsteps of masters who have excelled in that same field either because they have had incredible results or because they have succeeded in theorizing and systematizing the steps that led them to a certain degree of excellence. The Adept Complex One of the main…


Thinking like an athlete


What is an athlete? What distinguishes them from ordinary people? What is the essential element that places him/her above others? The 3 characteristics of an athlete 1- The search for performance Consistency and constant improvement An athlete performs because he or she is able to deliver a result consistently. The main difference between an athlete and an amateur is the…


Levels of discussion


Know where you are at all times Some discussions can be captivating, others, on the contrary, can be harrowing. How do you explain these differences? Is there a way to “elevate” a conversation? There seem to be four levels of discussion. Let’s see what they are. Talking about people: Most often, when we talk about someone, it’s to criticize them.…


Two daily forces to master


Each individual’s day is structured around two forces, rising and falling: yang and yin. It is advisable to organize one’s day according to these two energies. In general, the yang forces are more present in the morning: this is the time to create. Conversely, the evening is more conducive to yin energies, i.e. to receive, to learn to reflect. The…