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The Hidden Saboteurs of Lifestyle Design

Conscious lifestyle design sounds wonderful in principle. It involves creating a lifestyle that you love and a sustainable income source to fund it. But what many people don’t realize is just how many hidden traps there beneath the surface that can easily sabotage your transition. Let’s cover some of them. by Steve Pavlina, from Routine If you’re transitioning from…


Getting Started with a Lifestyle Transition

by Steeve Pavlina, from Here’s a mock conversation about getting started with a lifestyle transition, one that models many conversations I’ve had in the past. Friend: I really don’t like my job. Steve: Why not? Friend: The environment sucks, I don’t feel like my work actually matters, and I don’t feel connected with my coworkers. I feel empty when…


The Unexpected Pleasures of More Than a Decade of Reading Harry Potter

Recently, I finished reading Book 7 of the Harry Potter series with my youngest daughter Noelle. We cried, laughed, gasped in shock, cried some more.It was quite a journey, reading all seven books with her, and it took us four or five years. By Leo Babauta from Amazingly, it was my fourth time through the series. I read all…